Julia Sotnykova's Art

Art has always come naturally to Julia Sotnykova. When she was a child growing up in the suburbs of Vancouver, she would capture her surroundings in crayon and pencil. Today she works primarily in photography, painting, and digital. Below you’ll find a collection of video presentations that showcase Julia Sotnykova’s artwork and travels–from art school to professional work and from Switzerland to Colorado.

Julia Sotnykova Presents: Flowers II from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
A collection of paintings and sketches of flowers from around the Vancouver area.

Julia Sotnykova Presents: Flowers I from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
I’ve said it many times before: “Nature is absolutely essential to my creative process.” In this series I found myself infatuated with flowers around Vancouver.

Julia Sotnykova: Exercises and Exams from Art School Part 2 from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
A collection of exercises and exams from art school.

на наждачке copy
Exercises and Exams from Art School: Part 1 by Julia Sotnykova from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
Some more exams from back when I was in art school. I definitely feel that I’ve improved over the years, but I find these pieces and my time in art school to be essential to the artist that I’ve become today.


julia sotnykova dc 6
Julia Sotnykova’s Trip to Washington DC from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
Ever since I was little I wanted to travel to Washington DC. It’s what I grew up seeing in tv shows and movies. It was unreal actually being able to see the White House in person, alongside the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the National Mall.


Julia Sotnykova-Lugano-21
Julia Sotnykova’s Trip to Lugano from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
Lugano is quaint lake side town in Switzerland. Like Vancouver it has the advantages of a metropolitan area with lush nature just a stone’s throw away.

Julia Sotnykova’s Trip To Colorado from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
Traveling to Colorado was a dream come true. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking. As someone who’s traveled across Europe and much of the United States, I can say that no other landscape compares in size and scope.


Julia Sotnykova: Drawings and Sketches from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.
A series of drawings and sketches that I’ve made over the years. As you can tell, nature is a big motif for me.