A company called, “TimeKettle,” has a prototype that allows for real-time, translation technology.  Introducing their latest prototype, the WT2 Translation Earpiece. WT2 users speak one language, while the other speaks a different language.  The greatest part is that there’s only a few seconds before you hear the translation.  Currently, prototypes can translate, “English, Chinese, French, Japanese, [and] German.”

Speaker, “X, for example, speaks English, while speaker “Y” speaks Mandarin Chinese.  When X speaks English, Y’s earpiece translates X’s words into Mandarin. Using WT2 gives room to relationships that otherwise couldn’t have existed.

So, what does this mean for travelers? Travelers can travel easier, meet new people, and accept others who differ from them. Doesn’t the world need more people like this? I would argue it does.