The collection of words, “Art and Culture,” may only be three words in length, but boy does it cover a massive expanse of information. Within art and culture, one can find the deep relief that comes from dancing to one’s heart’s content, as well as sanding off a little more wood to make a decorative chair just right. You will find people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and that diversity just makes art and culture that much more enjoyable with each added artist, from professional to a toddler making scratch with a crayon.

With the dawn of the internet age came a tidal wave of new artists and voices, arguing for the largest and best audience. To help you wade through the noise, I’ve provided six blogs below, which I think provide the best news, trends, tips, tricks, and galleries for you to enjoy.

1) Wall Street Journal (WSJ) | Art

This section of the WSJ is flooded with juicy information regarding all things arts and entertainment. Find everything from theatrical performances to art auction information, and book reviews to news on the Grammy’s.

2) Julia Sotnykova | Graphic Design

Of course you need to visit this lovely lady’s website (wink). In all seriousness, however, I do truly love graphic design. I love it so much so that I have made it my profession. With my background in fine arts, I proved myself during my years of study as a lifelong designer and artist. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, as I am a full-time world traveller, as well. Cultures, foods, customs, topography, socioeconomic norms–they all inspire my work. On this blog, you will find regular blogs related to professional graphic design and art.

3) Visual News

Visual News is a hub for all things visual art. They even have a section on content marketing, as that remains totally within the visual scope of things. You can find information on cinematography, infographics, design, and photography. Art truly finds its home here.

4) provides any type of created art product you can think of that is not a service (i.e., performing art live). Between visual art, based on certain cultures, to botanical inspired art, this domain has it all. Their blog covers an array of different topics, from family-based art projects to decorating in style. Find out the perfect project to get started or be inspired by other artists’ works here.

5) Canadian Art

Find a Canadian-inspired resource for art and culture here. Find out what happens when your art is displayed in Trump Tower in America. See how government and laws affect artists’ abilities to shine. Find out when the next “Art Talk” or exhibition is taking place. Or even, see how a topic like cultural appropriation affects art and entertainment.

6) Vancouver Arts & Culture

The city of Vancouver brings to you a wealth of information on the local art scene. They talk about theaters and venues, environmental art, public art, opportunities for artists, and even their “Culture Plan” for the years 2008 through 2018. Take a look at local opera houses, the best places to find inspiring street art, grants and awards, available residencies, or even the best places for dancing and woodworking. There are all types of opportunities in this place that I call home, and I invite you to explore it!

With all these online hubs, ready to share their world of art and culture with you, it is no wonder that they receive high viewership and engagement. Take an adventure through these blogs, just like you would travel around the world–plan a time for it, explore the unique nooks and crannies, and enjoy the vast knowledge and culture you find there!